Friday, February 13, 2009

Prayer 578

Dear God, I thank You for being so much more than my Father in heaven, but that You are my protector here on Earth and friend in my heart. I thank You for the blessing of fellowship in the morning, for hands clasped in friendship, for bringing two or three together in your Name. We are here because of You. We are here because of each other.

In the beginning You called the world into being, a world that danced and swayed throughout space before stars and through light and dark, just as each of us in our lives dance through light and through dark. I thank You for the gift of your Son, Jesus Christ, to help remind us that Your light is never closer or brighter than when it is leading us. You have called each of us from before we were born, called us and known us and loved us.

Dear God, let us be willing to allow You to lead us, to hear that call that You have for all of us. We are truly called into being when we are still and listen to Your call, and open to your love, which is the root of all blessings we receive from you in the miracle of each day. Amen.

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